Installation Guide

A big thanks for joining our journey. Your contribution will help us continue our art.

How to install:

  1. Decide on the prime spot to install keycap
  2. Pop out installed keycap using a keycap puller
  3. Clean surrounding area to switch if needed
  4. Put on finger gloves as provided in the box
  5. Gently take out ForstGear keycap from its box
  6. Softly pop in the keycap


If the stem is tight:

  1. Get some clean water
  2. Heat it up till near boiling
  3. Soak the stem in for 30 sec to 60 sec
  4. Carefully take the keycap out and tap dry it using a paper towel
  5. Try to fit the keycap again
  6. Repeat the steps if necessary


If stem is loose and keycap is coming off