I am Groot

I am Groot

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I am Groot.

I am Grooot … the one who lifted hammer of thor

I am Groooot … I’m hard to understand! Are you able to get me?

Groot is an extraterrestrial tree creature. From planet X to your keyboard. This one cannot absorb wood or regenerate but will absorb your presses. At the same relieving all the stress.

Bling up your keyboard with the Groot.

Customize and Order

Additional Information:


  • MX Stem
  • 1U size
  • Height ~22mm
  • Handcrafted by Frostgear


What’s inside the package:

  • “I am Groot” keycap
  • Handwritten greeting note
  • A beautiful box


We give all geared attention during crafting and quality control. But in case of any defect on our side then we’ll offer a free replacement (not that you will find any).

25.00 $

  • INR: ₹ 2,082.40

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